Medical Statement

A statement regarding the Training\Diet program

I hereby declare that I wish to participate in a training program via OTARA.

I hereby declare that I am healthy and do not suffer from any chronic illness.
I declare that I do not take any fixed medical treatment.

I understand that by using the exercise program when I am not physically healthy, I may endanger my health.

I am aware that the training program is personal and intended for my personal needs and physiological measures, and that transferring it to any third party could jeopardize its health, and therefore it is strictly forbidden to transfer it to any third party.

I hereby declare and confirm that my statement above is true and I wave any legal and/or medical and/or tort liability from OTARA for any health damage that may occur to me as a result of the plan, and I will have no claim against it. Moreover, I am fully responsible for any damage caused to any third party I may transfer the plan to.

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